The day you have always dreamed about since you were a little girl is finally becoming a reality...

Once the partner of your dreams has asked the BIG question and you’ve said YES; most future brides start buying magazines and looking at Pinterest for inspiration. We all plan the PERFECT vision in our heads of what we want to look like and feel on our SPECIAL DAY. The perfect dress, the perfect hair design and creation & the flawless look of your makeup.

A lot of brides leave the booking of their Hair and Makeup team until they have put everything else into place; without realising that most professional, qualified, experienced and sought after Makeup Artists & Hairstylists are booked at least two seasons ahead. After 20 years of experience working with Brides, Mothers of the Bride, Future Mother in Laws and the Bridal parties; Makeup Art & Direction has the following steps to help the planning go as smoothly as possible.. so your “vision” is able to be achieved:

  1. Before looking at Makeup Artists – Decide on the look you want to achieve; whether it be a modern Bride or possibly a Vintage feel, to be clear on what makeup and hair styles you like and what you really don’t like. Maybe create a vision board or Pinterest album to add photo’s so you can show the Makeup Artist and Hair stylist the vision you want for your special day at your trial.
  2. Looking for a Makeup Artist – The brilliance of social media these days is you are able to browse through photos in the comfort of your own home and see samples of Perth Makeup Artists work. Most have an Instagram and Facebook page where you can view selected work and see reviews from other Brides that have used their services.
    A lot of Professional Makeup Artists avoid the huge costs associated with hiring space at Expo’s or placing an ad in popular Bridal magazines. Put simply those costs are quite often passed onto the consumer, meaning you the “bride” and it does not necessarily mean they have the experience. Rather professional, qualified and experienced makeup artists use their reputation to do the talking for them.
    Never choose a Makeup Artist on what professional brands they choose to use. The professional brand is only half the job; the other half is the skills & knowledge they have to create.
  3. The Trial – The “trial” is just that a trial. It is where you get to meet, communicate your vision and see the creation for “real” with the artists you have chosen. Most often after little tweaks here and there, you can get a feel for what you will look like on your wedding day (minus the dress). I do suggest however if its possible to maybe book a fitting for the day, if you wanting to get the overall “vison” experience. Most Makeup Artists charge a small fee to cover cost of product used in the trial and a portion of the time spent to consult, listen, create & design the perfect makeup.
    Please remember also, it is equally as important to love the look created for you but you also need to LIKE the artist working with you throughout the “wedding” day. Ultimately the hair and makeup artists will share the entire morning, sometimes longer with you, your bridal party and family; so choose a personality that fits you as well.
    Once you have found the right Artist you LOVE book your makeup and hair early to avoid disappointment. A quote should be requested and a small deposit equal to the Brides makeup will be required to confirm and hold the booking for your wedding date. The balance is able to be paid by direct deposit prior to the wedding day or cash on the date.
The BIG day has arrived!!

What to expect... After 20 years Makeup Art & Direction has the experience to ensure your Makeup runs smoothly & we are ready to leave to the church on time.

  1. We normally like to allow 45min – 1hr per person for Makeup and the same for hair should be allowed. This allows plenty of time for unexpected but often classic interruptions to the day. For example the flowers arriving; your mother crying or stopping for a bite to eat.
  2. Makeup Art & Direction by Siobhan NEVER BOOK another wedding the day of yours. You are number one priority and we never want to rush off for another Brides day. We plan the time you want to be dressing by and allowing for the photographer to take those essential shots of YOU and the bridal party getting ready. We also encourage you to talk to your photographer and communicate clearly on his/her time schedule. You don’t want to miss those essential shots due to running out of time.
  3. We STAY until you are dressed and YOU are completely happy with your overall look. We want you to be 100% happy as this day is for you and your groom!!!We often find ourselves lending a hand or four with those little things throughout the morning and we PRIDE ourselves on our SERVICE.

Makeup Art & Direction hopes that you have clearer picture of where to start planning your PERFECT Makeup and Hair. I work alongside the very talented Tarryn Jamie –art of hair if you are wanting an overall package. I am also happy to work with any Hairstylist, if makeup is all you require. Please feel free to contact me with any questions you may have.

My final tip... enjoy the planning!!! It is one of the most stressful events to plan but please try to remember the reason why you are here in the first place; the LOVE you share for each other.

Siobhan xx

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